We begin with a simple question and idea: What do you need? What do i need? What do others need? What is this solution for?


A project's success hinges upon a well-conceived plan and of course, a complete package. We create a strategic plan that outlines what we will make together, how we can make the most of your time and show you what success looks like. From requirements to maintenance, we got it covered.


This is when the coding begins. The design process never begins in front of the computer. We start loose, identify concepts, iterate, and refine them through regular dialogue with you and collaboration with our team. Knowing how to work with the latest technologies today (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, HTML 5) gives us the advantage of exposing our projects from one platform to another.


For us, this means involvement in every detail of production and fulfillment for your project. We continue to stay in touch, and closely monitor our baby's success out in the wild.


A right mix of I.T. professionals from Manila that has expertise on Web & Mobile.

Our code aims to CREATE. We want to make solutions. Solutions that is built for today's technical needs. We like to find ways to challenge ourselves to help us improve our work. We also love to SHARE and COLLABORATE with our colleagues and other related companies or individuals to deliver something new.

Creating WEB & MOBILE.

We work as hard as possible to create awesome mobile apps and websites.

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Manila, Philippines


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